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sam monroe

2019-10-30 23:14:38 | Profile
Early this morning when I open my eyes you were not there how I wish you were here

sol bellafiore

2019-06-26 19:59:54 | Profile
gday luv61 now and 30 years ago Craig the love we had stays on my mindwow..but I was too young to realize how you loved me..but oh if I could go backhow I wish you were herethis right here just magical

Chan Baek

2019-05-22 00:19:26 | Profile
Beautiful song! I never get tired of it..


2018-12-09 17:45:43 | Profile
Staggeringly Powerful Song!!!

Marc Moorthamer

2018-12-04 22:10:40 | Profile
Johnny Carter! That voice gives me chills! "The Mighty Mighty Dells"!

Banditen straße

2018-10-17 10:08:08 | Profile

Matthew Centonze

2018-10-10 12:57:11 | Profile
The love we had stays on my mind...

Chris Coudrain

2018-10-03 22:11:11 | Profile
this song makes me get chills and remeber the loved ones ive lost

Mike Dalka

2018-10-02 04:27:31 | Profile
An amazing and very powerful song.

Beautiful binne

2018-10-02 01:49:37 | Profile
My husband dedicated this to me when we first met 16years later.. stills feels like when we met! I love you Frank Marquez!

Mega pikachu

2018-09-20 17:45:21 | Profile
Thank You for this!! What a powerful song, that once you hear it, you never forget it.And yes, I can listen to it all day! and I do! :) I know I am hearing this marvel because of your efforts, for which we all can share in. Music is so personal, but at the same time it makes people connect. I heard these songs, because my parents had the great taste to play them, and I remember them all! I wish more people understood this music, maybe someday :) TY