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Lady barbie

2019-03-08 07:55:23 | Profile
Love both versions... This is great Christmas music loll.. RIP TONY :(

The Calle's

2018-12-20 21:06:22 | Profile
Better than the original one!

LetzHaveFun YT

2018-10-18 12:51:39 | Profile
if this is your type of music this song is as good as it gets. if you like the original better thats great but to me this is more my thing. no use for a name was one of the best at what they did and its a shame they ended the way they did.


2018-10-11 18:07:54 | Profile
The fourth album? I think this is the sixth album! ;)


2018-09-22 18:20:12 | Profile
Ohh!! This cover gave me chills!! Great cover!

Dan Gabor

2018-09-19 17:02:29 | Profile
this is absolutely appalling. Way to ruin a superlative song.

Jonny Coote

2018-09-12 14:06:45 | Profile
"your arse" totally sounds affected with an american accent.

Harel Cohen

2018-09-11 17:50:18 | Profile
i agree with matt punk rock is only for cool people not people into the shite factor or britians got fuck all tallent

Randy Begaye

2018-09-10 21:40:22 | Profile
Not great. The original is the only good version. No offense meant to them or fans. Their cover of The Fields of Athenry is better.


2018-09-10 06:11:42 | Profile
autotune? doubt it, hes out of tune lol