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Tim Turner

2020-02-11 18:39:50 | Profile
I love the melody makes me want to put my put foot down on the motorway

Daisy Puli

2019-11-16 04:59:32 | Profile
This girls were unrated at the time

Antonio Dutton

2019-11-05 05:58:47 | Profile
How time flies. I was still young when this was out. Now I feel so old. It was probably only the other day but it feels like centuries ago now. This must be one of my favourite GA songs and videos, probably off their best album too?


2019-10-31 06:32:49 | Profile
Nadine was well the best singer by a long shot.

annie naour

2019-10-19 17:41:00 | Profile
I thought Brittany Spears was in this for a second


2019-10-18 04:42:12 | Profile
Seeing all those guys getting hurt, reminds me of the Hostel movie. Maybe the girls should have done a version where a group of hunky men get tortured, and possibly killed by a variety of beauty methods. I suggest the girls remove the boys eyeballs with teaspoons, and chop their fingers off with bolt cutters. Then they could dispose of the bodies in plastic sauna suits. It might have even got more guys buying their records, seeing these pretty boys getting so elegantly snuffed out.

Queen Ackasha

2019-10-12 23:05:03 | Profile
If you are running a marathon or 10k, then there is nothing better than listen to a girls aloud medley all the time.


2019-09-26 00:09:49 | Profile
No repellent tattoos or piercings , no snow flakes directing the video .