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Null Void

2019-03-05 22:49:01 | Profile
Never understood how I can listen to a song 30 years old and never get tired of it but the new music get old super fast

The Resonance Box

2019-01-23 14:48:51 | Profile
I fucken love you so much and im dying inside to be with you but you hurt me so bad you did so much bad to me broke me in pieces shattered my heart and choose your lifestyle over your babies and myself time and time again i will always carry in you in my heart and after almost 6 years its painful that our world came to an end you will always be my everything


2018-12-09 21:40:26 | Profile
this is that baby making music drankin and stankin

Pizza Chit

2018-10-06 01:16:18 | Profile
He bagro me biaua buda ga me chaua nange tschomomi dan nache die kleine ferdig dan puze ichauf dan mache ich mich frisch dan gehe ich in meinen bett sop laz gel megemau dut


2018-10-04 14:07:44 | Profile
Jou must never forget this songs i love if

stephanie •-•

2018-09-30 07:09:03 | Profile

Jess 14

2018-09-29 05:39:47 | Profile
Amen this morning I love to listen to all the Oldies music

Тася Попова

2018-09-27 12:08:39 | Profile
He weist du ich fermusse dich gannz tif in meinen ihneren

Rosenilda Marinho

2018-09-23 13:27:56 | Profile
Hear the whispers of the raindrops!!!For the good times